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Should I run for office?

BREAKING: Robert F. Kennedy's granddaughter and her son presumed dead after canoe capsizes

hannah: their fam is inundated with tragedy :(

paps: Could be said to have started with the patriarchal Senator in the 40's, determined to thrust "his" family into the limelight: As the Gods are known to advise: Watch out what you wish for

hannah: is ambition really blameworthy?

paps: Is the ambition fed by personal adoration (ego), or ultimate goal (principle)?

hannah: regardless of true intent, a smart power-hungry politician could spin in however they want others to see it. sometimes, they can spin it so well they trick themselves...

paps: Yes, boys can be so a fault, in fact. And THAT is the whole problem, using the cleverness to serve themselves and the ego only, instead of others. Serving OTHERS is where their cleverness was meant to be directed. We need to return there. Amen.

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