In response to NBC News' 'Wake up': Climate scientists drive stake through heart of skeptics' argument:

"More than a third of the world’s land surface and nearly 75% of freshwater resources are now devoted to crop or livestock production."

When we're talking about "sharing the earth," we're not sharing. We DEFINITELY do not make up 1/3 of all life on Earth, yet we're claiming habitat as if we did.

Also, since you were 11 years old (message to my mother), 60% of all species have declined. To rephrase: if all animal populations on Earth were as numerous as our family (you, me, dad, Ginna, and Adam), the new family size would be just 2-- you and Ginna, Adam and me, or dad and you. For a species like krill, that has a short lifespan, and would not remember family since the 70s, not as sad. But for species like elephants and rhinos, who "never forget," and (until recently) lived to be around 80, VERY sad for those who they remember, but are no longer with them. 

It's not just sad for us to "lose a species." We are making individual animals emotionally distraught and traumatized, and that's what really gets me.